New Horizons May 25th-27th 2018 Workshop


                             “New Horizons Workshop”

                      Connectivity & Communication Part 3

                           May 25th-27th 2018

               Somerset UK



You are  invited.

This workshop is for those who have a genuine interest in self-healing , community

nature and the animals.

Building upon a foundation of the metaphysical and the  practical. This workshop is for “warriors” those who have  the courage  to embrace all aspects of themselves and work towards wholeness. We cannot  change  anyone else, we can work on ourselves and develop more authenticity, inner peace and resilience

  • Arrival is on Friday 25th May 2018  afternoon with an introductory seminar
  • in the evening at 18.00hrs
  • Saturday will be a day of practical exercises and discovery ,
  • By special  invitation there will be an excursion to a beautiful place
  • for learning, and connecting with nature and the animals.
  • We will be  meeting with a medical doctor, a  psychiatrist and  learning about
  • deep therapy work with equines  from  their  perspective and  also  meeting  with a highly experienced equestrian .
  • We  will be  working with equines and there will be  energy work exercises with  Wendy.
  • .We will have the opportunity for light refreshment at the nature locations a  coffee break included in  the price.  We will visit  a second location  for  lunch.
  • We will dine together in the evening as a social event enjoying a vegetarian supper
  • Meals are not included in the price.
  • On Sunday morning there will be a seminar exercises questions,and feedback .
  • The workshop concludes at 13.30.hrs.
  • The workshop price is £399.00 which includes instruction, practical exercises and
  • seminar, plus private transport from the main hotel accommodation in a
  • Market Town to the nature locations, lunch venue  and back to the hotel.
  • Accommodation- This is not included in the price. However a favourable
  • discount rate is currently available for workshop attendees
  • at a popular hotel which will specifically be our meeting point.
  • Prices for bed and breakfast at the discounted rate are £35 per person per night for a twin en-suite room and £55 per night where available for a single en-suite room.
  • Bookings are made directly by the participants with the hotel by email directly.Single occupancy rooms are based on a first-come-first-served basis, my name Wendy Datta –  should be quoted,
  • The  Saturday vegetarian supper is estimated to be £20-25 per head for food. Much of the ingredients will be organic.
  • Please note that in the event of  insufficient numbers or any circumstances beyond our control rendering the cancellation of the workshop then a refund would be limited to the cost of the workshop  fee £399 less £10 administration fee or a place on another workshop offered by us.
  • Also in the unlikely event of any part of the workshop having to be cancelled alternative arrangements will be made and no refund will be given
  • The cancellation period for a refund of the workshop price is 14 days from the date of payment made for the workshop thereafter there are no refunds.
  •  If you book a workshop place, it follows that you are committed to attending.
  • Please understand that this is not a travel package and that we are not a travel service. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements and travel insurance.
  • We provide the venue location, travel during the workshop, and contact information. It is your responsibility to arrive on time.
  • We very much look forward to you being with us at this workshop
  • We will send you more information about the hotel booking and itinerary once your booking has been made.

The hour glass is moving fast now, and  a bridge is now offered before the path

is closed. Come now if you can.


To book your place, having read all the information above please click on the payment  button below.

Thank  you.

Further  information will be sent to you

We look forward to seeing you soon.