Lion Heart-Gaia File


Lions are associated with bravery and courage they have symbolised nobility and power throughout the ages.

Lions are also linked to the cosmic forces of retribution it seems which Stuart Wilde told us about and which has been foretold.

Its funny how some humans like to degrade the strength and beauty of powerful animals including lions, by capturing , abusing and killing  them.

We are not sure how this can equate with bravery and courage, the reverse it seems.

Some conventional hunters are totally against lions being “farmed” so that they can be selected by “hunters” and killed in confined circumstances- “canned hunts”  as they are called . There is also the fact that the lions have been dislocated  from their wild lives and  reared by humans in captivity prior to the “hunts”










Conventional hunters consider it unethical so there is some agreement at least

between those who kill for “sport” and  require some basic ground rules and  those who support the rights

of the animals not to be hunted for trophies or whatever.

We have heard a lot about the trophy hunters both  men and women recently, it seems to evoke strong  emotions in some people, the pros and the antis,

particularly recently when foul play was reported re the death of noble Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe.

Its not good for humans to fight , insult or taunt one another in this polemic, its about respect for animals and, nature.

We can’t really care for  nature and the animals if we harbour hatreds for our fellow humans even if we don’t agree with them.

We need peace in this world  and it begins with ourselves working  together where possible to find solutions.


We cannot  fool ourselves that  we are helping nature and the animals for example by bottle feeding dubious.. circumstances..

There are many reputable organizations and  people who help the animals re conservation  in authentic ways.

Its best to carefully research before volunteering to help.

Stuart Wilde said  that the cruelties and  disdain meted by humans to the animals would be shown to us and we would not be lightly forgiven.

It follows that the Lion Hearts the  Brave hearts  are not those who trap and  ransom the lives of Gaia’s Children .

We can change our ways if we decide to and refrain from deliberate harm  and  destruction, that would take courage and humility, true power.

The “target” can be shifted to harmlessness , harmlessness to  people  harmlessness  to the animals , life enhancing  fun truly.


No one need be sanctimonious , all of us have much work to do in clearing our own darkness and that will help us all including the animals it seems.

Clearing our  hatreds , violence,  greed  and disdain etc  whether its expressed towards other people or animals whether covert or overt .

Aligning  to the beauty  and  purity of nature, its softness and power in respectful non- infringing   ways is  healing.


The organization is doing a lot to help draw attention to the plight of lions

used for captive “hunting” “canned hunts” and to educate the public as to what  assists

conservation and what does not. Here is a trailer of their documentary film..




Stuart Wilde warned us about karma, it can be very trapping and there is both a national and individual karma.

The spiritual journey is about facing who and what we really are  and developing loving kindness and  respect in an authentic way.



Lions are highly social animals , the only cat that lives in large social groups,” The Pride” the females are the main hunters and share cub rearing.

The males even play with their offspring. Lions are endangered due to human hunting.. and  encroachment.

Listen to the lion and have a heart ..




Written by Wendy Datta

All rights reserved.

Posted  February 5th  2016

With gratitude Lion  photos reproduced for this article by kind permission


Photographic Copyright of the respective owners

Pippa Hankinson,, Ian Michler,  Roger and Pat de La Harpe Photography