Lightness Of Being


Dear Readers,

at the Pegasus Healing summer workshop “Nature And Nurture” we aligned to

the lightness of being which is often forgotten ,though it is there for us all..


These are challenging times globally just as Stuart Wilde

foretold, the global shadow unfolds and what we are… rather than who..

we are… is important.

What soul qualities do we have?

Can we be kind in troubled times can we have empathy and compassion ?

Peace begins with ourselves, so we have to look out our dysfunction

self-importance, disdain,hatreds, fears etc and realise that humility

is a true sign of sanity.






We were very glad to visit the fauna and flora locations for the Pegasus Healing

workshop we had private invitations to both  for which we are grateful.

We learned about continuity,practicality and the challenges and joy of working

in harmony with nature in a sustainable way at the flora small holding.


“Its good to share and be with like minded people to have the opportunity

to be together to hang out , heal and have fun too”.


” I really enjoyed all the days and visiting the flora farm,

felt very welcome and well looked after.”





We focus on self-healing at the workshops.

We travel deep and return to nature and connect with the animals and one another.




Stuart WIlde told us that seriousness is a dis-ease of the ego,

Laughter and fun are healing, not mocking

just simple fun.

We experienced a lightness of being at the Pegasus Healing  summer workshop.


Here’s a bit more of what people said:

“…Really enjoyed putting into practice the energy exercises with the animals

and the responses..”

“L” Wiltshire UK


..Many many thanks Wendy, you are amazing!

..The meditations were awesome I felt love and harmonious vibrations…”

“V”  Somerset UK


” I learned not to be so rigid and serious and be more child like.

To be grateful for everything in life”

D London UK


“I very much enjoyed the work shop I learned how to relax from everyday life.

The meditations were lovely. It was nice to see how the flora farm had developed in a year…”

“S” Denmark


“The workshop provided a safe nurturing and welcoming environment in which to heal

and explore my own shadow traits.The workshop was interesting and informative.

I’ve learnt so much on various topics-it feels like so much has been done at the weekend”

Thank you Wendy for a wonderful workshop.

“S” West of England UK








We realised that we had completely lost track of” time”.

We were all so totally immersed in” the now” and we travelled” far “and connected

with nature, the animals and one another.

We were grateful for what we learned and experienced.



















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I would like to thank everyone who attended the workshop for the time we had together

and to thank those who support the work at Pegasus Healing.


Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 19th June 2016


copyright Wendy Datta

All rights reserved