Light On The Water

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Nature is purifying and  healing the  ancient Daoist Sages  revered  nature,water which is  an integral part of nature  is essential to life on Earth.  It can  also be a  devastating force of strength  way more powerful than us  humans .

Yet water is also soft , flowing,and like humility itself  finds  the lowest point.

One  autumn  day in October  whilst out  in nature  in a forest  which has a river flowing  parallel  to it,the feeling was   so good , refreshing and clear . Suddenly a  dog  showed up  and he  ran  straight into the river barking. I hoped he would  leave as I had  been enjoying the  stillness , the  dog began to communicate. He wanted to bring me a log from the  water,I felt humbled by him he was so enthusiastic  and  kind.

The  dog   then made his  statement  –  paw  on  log.  He began his work dilligntly, he just wanted  to offer a  log.I was concerned  because the one he eventually chose  was too big for him to get his jaws  around and  it could splinter.

He would not give up  though, until he had  hauled  the prize  log ashore.

Next the dog’s owner arrived and we  laughed for joy.

Animals can show us a  different  way.It seemed  a  lesson in action,  spontaneity, tenacity, of  not  giving up easily on  our life’s journey, not getting bogged down in self defeat when challenges present themselves .  Also of  living  in  the moment,  being open , feeling  joyfulness and a connection with  nature, Gaia, the spirit of the Earth.

 The tussle of the ego, mind,  emotion and programming,  and  the  demands of  tic toc as  Stuart  Wilde called it all take their toll and can  block us from perception  and  from our true feelings of joy and well being , we can change this. Healing is about change.

Khris Krepcik of in his Public Writings  The  Human Shadow ,gives  us some helpful teachings concise  and  clear  about healing  mind and  emotion.

The clearing of  blocks and  binds , is like light on the  water .

Written by Wendy Datta

Posted On 9th November  2014

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