House Of Cards



“House of Cards” is an expression meaning something or some view based on a shaky foundation which will collapse.





No matter what goes on around us with the emergent global shadow and resultant mayhem and control, people will need to have looked at and have worked on themselves ,understood their own House of Cards in order to rediscover  what inner peace really means and we can’t start to do this soon enough.

The thing is it seems that one has only just cleared one area and another collapses and it is tempting to evade this personal journey process by giving into delusions and distractions .

Its not about being special either , or dwelling on our weaknesses for that is also a trap for the ego.

The Renewal that Stuart Wilde told us about is already unfolding.

The collapse of the ego, e.g  coldness, rigid opinions, selfishness can mean an opportunity to re build and evolve to find new ways and healthier ways to function and to serve.



Stuart Wide referred to the collapse of the Ivory Tower with regard to a person’s ego.

The collapse is needed in order to rebuild where the foundation is false and shaky.



The spiritual journey is about becoming more authentic and warm.

Somewhere in the ruins of collapse can be inspiration.




We are seeing more of it these days if we care to look for it. We have to detach from the global shadow , having worked on clearing our own shadow traits and inner negativity to find peace within regardless of the projections around us. Using our perception and common sense we may make changes in our lives as we find our old ways of thinking and  the energies around us no longer feel right.

Equally we may feel a lot more appreciative for what we actually have .

Also a sense of humour is important  for us all and healing ,not laughing at others misfortune but seeing the funny side of things in life.

Music ,laughter, song, dance , poetry , nature ,community, harmless fun all enrich our lives.


Written by

Wendy Datta

Posted 8th August 2015

© Wendy Datta 2015 All Rights Reserved