Dear Readers,

the amazingly proud looking and much loved pooch in the featured image is 15 years old.

He is a Paterdale Jack Russel Cross and had just won honours at a fun Dog Show event-

“Best Veteran”! this made him eligible to enter a final competition “Best  overall Dog “.


We are not in favour of putting animals under  pressure to

win competitions it depends on the circumstances ,

but this was a respectful  fun, family event apparently.

The competition was fierce  for the Honours many elegant sprightly pedigrees, mighty

Ridge-Backs etc, beauties cute ones, gorgeous ones,

elderly ones many kinds, all beautiful in their own way.

This little chap won the lot , he swept the board  tee hee!


The little dog seems to have a big smile on his face just as he does when he receives

energy work at his request when I occasionally meet him and his family.

We were not sure if he would make last winter,what a glorious summer he is having

he is so loved and wants to be with his family as long as possible,

he really is a wonderful, loyal little dog, blessed with a loving and kind human family.

He is honoured always.. for being just who he is.



Posted by Wendy Datta on the  12th June 2016

Written by Wendy Datta

Copyright Wendy Datta.

Photograph by

E. Maughan McLachlan