Helping Hands:Part 1


“Coming from London I don’t spend any time with animals they are a bit of a mystery to me .I do have a real fondness and appreciation of dogs although I have never owned one.Horses…..never really had that many opportunities to spend any time with then.So it was nice to get up close and personal so to speak .To feed then grass and to give them fresh water.To see the plight of some of these horses and ponies was pitiful and the way they have been mistreated .

To give a few hours to help them out was very little but it was time I would gladly give . To see the appreciation of these animals for what had been done was very humbling I am grateful for the experience and grateful to Wendy for the opportunity to do so, it was very cathartic , in the process of helping others one helps to heal oneself.”




Posted July 4tth 2014

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