Good News:Pet Trade

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in this post Good News:Pet Trade we mention light-entry of the light re the pet trade.

I started to consider a post over a year ago about the plight of animal breeding for the pet trade but was not  sure how

I would use the  featured  image. It’s a picture  which  gives a poignant message to me and maybe to you?

To adopt and  not buy cats and dogs in a commercial sense.

The picture is by Spanish artist Alejandro Cervantes

His work was also featured in an earlier

post  about the abolition of  a cruel “bull tournament ” in Spain

To me the featured image for this post  and perhaps  for you

also is it conveys the vulnerability of the puppy and  kitten

who stand for millions of innocent  creatures bred,. and sold

for humankind  to do pretty much as they want  sometimes

shipped across countries to supply the pet  trade.

Those of you familiar with the work of animal sanctuaries

will know that  puppies and kittens are often thrown out

as they get bigger and less “fluffy”and  many and end up mistreated

and abandoned for example.The excessive breeding

imposed on the animals  like cat, dogs rabbits etc  leads to immense cruelty.

We know this from investigations and  reports

from  animal protection forces and  societies,

Many of us  have seen first hand the trauma  that both

the animals excessively bred from and their off spring experience.

There is now more help for the animals who suffer from

the pet trade, where it is unscrupulous.

This past week very good news arrived

re the  Entry of the Light and the pet trade. A friend of mine

who lives in California wrote:

“More Rights For The Innocents

A bill was signed this week in California outlawing

‘puppy mills’. As of Jan 1 2019,
pet stores can not sell dogs, cats, or rabbits unless

they are from shelters and rescues.
So, there will be no outlets for the mass produced animals.”

Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a  key piece of

legislation outlawing the sale of  dogs,cats and  rabbits

from reproductive mills places of darkness and oppression

for the animals,driven by human greed, and coldness.


Here is  a link about the enlightened legislation in California USA


I met a lovely retired couple who adopt rescue dogs the other day.

One of their dogs a female could barely stand  when she first was rescued

from  a “puppy mill” bred  from until barren the poor creature was mercifully

rescued. She took awhile to learn to eat like a regular

dog having been fed from a chute..She is now safe in a

warm and loving home eating  like  a regular dog,well

cared for and enjoying walks in daylight and fresh air.

Of course there certainly are responsible breeders who care for the animals,

and  do not abuse them it is not what is said,it is what is done.

There are so many cats, dogs, rabbit for example  needing loving homes

so why encourage unscrupulous breeders to subject animals to abuse and  suffering..

There is a shortage of loving homes and responsible people can help.

The care of a pet is for life, elderly pets are also  sometimes

thrown out by heartless owners, if one cannot  can’t offer

a loving home  for life then there are many other ways

also to help the animals and  not encouraging their exploitation is one.




Posted 26th October 2017

& Written by WendyDatta

Illustration by Alejandro Cervantes

All respective copyrights reserved.