This statue of the Buddah seen recently has a look and feel of symmetry,beauty and serenity.

Its golden and gold is a celestial colour,its not just the colour its the resonance of the colour.

Its funny how old expressions such as “Good as gold” ” Golden Age” are linked with this.



Qualities of patience , serenity ,compassion, kindness many things are associated with the Celestial Beings and we can do our best to align to these qualities, its the healing journey .

Sometimes we forget to appreciate all the acts of kindness we have received, when we recall these moments it can bring a warm glow, a feeling of expansiveness as when we give selflessly.

Giving and receiving is the mystical way, its not the same as trading,

There is no price tag on loving kindness .


Posted 25th September 2015

Written by Wendy Datta

With permission and gratitude to

the Victoria & Albert Museum London

Photograph by Wendy Datta

© Wendy Datta 2015  All Rights Reserved