Golden Girl


Sailor was a most beautiful Golden Retriever , a “golden girl”, gentle, sensitive and fearless.

She was much loved and appreciated.

Sometimes just like humans, animals can be affected by hereditary disease

which reduces their life span substantially.

What happens to a particular person or animal can vary though in each case.
Unfortunately cancers are common in Golden Retrievers and

there is so much concern about this that specific veterinary research is taking place.

Golden girl Sailor simply defied the odds and in spite of a virulent sarcoma recovered and lived contentedly
with her human family for a further 18 months to age nine and a half years.

She valued her human family and was also able to pass on peacefully at home .

“Funny, I could see her and feel her thoughts in my minds eye. She went to a beautiful place
and was so happy running jumping playing being silly.
Like when she was younger.

Thanks Wendy  for what you do and your help with our girl.”




Posted by Wendy Datta

14th March 2016

Photograph by Ralf

Copyright  Wendy Datta

All rights reserved.