Gateways Workshop- Sharing


Dear Readers,

we share with you some of our feelings and experiences at the Gateways workshop.

Golden autumn sunshine companionship and a care for nature and the animals.

We spent time at an amazing truly organic flora farm and learned much there.

It was peaceful and fun , we danced and danced and felt restored.



People at the workshop are also developing their animal communication skills.

The animals like to be around the group they are free and left alone and approach people if they want to,



Those of you who follow the Blog posts will recognize the sheep as being the rare breed North Ronaldsays.

They are not bred for meat at the fauna farm we visited the

animals lead a natural life.Some attend agricultural shows very

occasionally where they are very much esteemed by judges

who have awarded some of them “Champion”of the” Primitive Sheep Class”,

These North Ronaldsays  are most fortunate sheep, champions of a natural and peaceful life.


Some neighbouring Pigmy Goats arrived to meet us with their owners.

The animals spent time connecting with the group and walking with us all including the children.

Their owner told us about his animals and it was clear how well he

and his wife care for them.He also has compassion for the African Pygmy Goats.

He explained their presence in Europe, forced export food for Lions,

and then more recently scientific research..

Their suffering is great as that of the non human primates and other living creatures

used and abused.

The goats are gentle highly intelligent and observant  creatures .We feel for the imprisoned ones as we do for animals used for research,  beyond the intellectual debate of “sides” and ethics.

Its not all doom and gloom darkness cannot ultimately withstand the celestial light and this has been foretold long ago.

We enjoyed our time together in nature.





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Jessie a brilliant make up artist who works at weddings, film and theatre,joined our group later in the day did some wonderful animal face painting.

Spot the Lion tee! hee!











The fruits and  juices we tasted at the Flora farm were the best of the best fresh clean and full of flavour.

No chemicals  are used in their propagation. Wild life thrive in this environment as can humans.

Not all the fruit is removed from the plants, some is left for the birds.

“There is enough for everyone” said our Flora host.

If we all consumed less we could still thrive without inflicting the suffering and destruction that we humans can cause.

We have seen people working in harmony with the nature and we

learn much from them.










The Gateways Workshop-

“Lots of fun and challenging in a good way.Thanks for  everything!”

“K” London UK

“Thank you for creating a simple yet strong space for the Group”

“T” Midlands UK.

“Thank you for the workshop Wendy, the unconditional love and

dancing.I have learned to stay focused and determined and live with nature in a respectful

and humane way.

“G” London UK

“Thank you Wendy for another inspirational workshop. A very moving and powerful experience on both days. Both visits were informative and interesting. It has been so good to reconnect with everyone and myself. Thank  you”.

“N” Wiltshire





Written by Wendy Datta

Make Up Artistry

by Jessie Walwin


Posted 26th October 2016

Copyright Wendy Datta