Freedom Of The Light

Hello  Everyone,

the  Winter Solstice is  the celebration of
the entry of the  light as the  darkness recedes.

At  this time  we  see darkness  in full focus  and
there rage many battles.
The darkness yields forth to the light and
celestial peace restored, it must happen
surely on an individual level eventually
for those with a care to evolve.

The Christ Light , The Messiah Light
how beautiful it is, there for us
and will never be extinguished.

True love is about freedom as we approach the end
of 2018 we see many restrictions have emerged and
more which we are told will be “necessary”.

Restrictions on cruel animal farming practices
would be great but that has not been listed
though it’s presence is being brought to light

We are grateful to those who care about farm
animal welfare standards and work to educate
others, we are grateful to those organizations,
farmers and individuals who strive to improve
the lives of animals destined for human consumption.

Humans were born free spiritually
and then they become enslaved by
fat control- the matrix . We believe
that is true for the animals too.
Stuart Wilde told us that we have
a spiritual duty to break free.
Threats, coercion, fear are those elements
for example which enslave humanity.
As humans evolve so surely must
their care for Gaia’s children.

Reverence and time spent in nature,
meditation, peacefulness.
The Three Graces all help.
The freedom is one of peacefulness and
self-determination, not being towed
around by the ego and shadow traits and emotional
waves of others for example.

We are mere specks in the Universe and there
is comfort in that.It was a long time ago
since we began our journey and many have
made huge strides in helping others and the
animals for which we are grateful.

It seems also that it’s the simple ,
the quiet and everyday acts of kindness,
awareness and care that add to
the beacons of light on Earth.

Happy New Year Year!


Written  by Wendy Datta

Posted  29th December 2018

All rights  reserved