Equine Healing, Energy Work & Communication


A lady whose beautiful Arabian horse I had been working with kindly sent me some

video footage of her horse and companion ponies which we show at the end of this post.

We worked as a team ,the lady provides a very caring home for all of her various animals

and is knowledgeable about them.

I worked with the lady and her horse remotely over a period of months.

Here is what she says:

“I wrote to Wendy asking her if she would help my horse following a recommendation about Wendy’s work .

My horse had injured herself by falling on concrete , badly injuring the ligaments in her hock.

Since her fall we tried to help her to heal .The vet examined  my horse and the first x-rays showed no broken bones.  She received painkillers anti inflammatory drugs etc. I treated her with homeopathy (2 different specialists helped me) .She was also treated by an equine osteopath and had energy work.

We had no improvement in two weeks so our vet took extra x-rays. He then saw something he suspected to be a‘crack’ in a bone so he referred my horse to a veterinary  hospital. X-rays revealed 2 ligaments badly damaged but fortunately no broken bones (or cracks). The veterinary hospital treatment involved extracting the‘bad’ joint fluid and injecting in new.Unfortunately from then on everything went even worse.

We went home and after half an hour my horse was not able to stand on the injured leg. She was really in pain. My vet said it was probably a reaction to the injection and gave painkillers. The leg was covered with Mud Fever two days later. We treated with ointments but apparently it got infected anyway.This resulted in lymphedema, her whole leg , the hock, was terribly swollen. Antibiotics, anti inflammatory, painkillers followed which she was still on them when I first contacted Wendy. Due to the swelling my horse also had “charley leg”( muscle cramp and spasms) , her first step was awful and she was in pain. She remained under veterinary supervision .

Wendy gave an energy reading for my horse and began working with her remotely she also gave me some information to work with. My horse began to get better physically.

Wendy also helped me to build up my horse’s confidence gradually which worked at a deep level .

Wendy worked to heal my horse’s psychological wounds which combined with the physical healing resulted in her being more stable and confident  which enabled me to progress with my horse.

My horse is doing very well now on all levels physically, emotionally and psychologically and is much easier to handle.

Thank you so much Wendy for all your help.”

Jennifer – Belgium




“Will you ,won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you play with me?

Yes horses like some other animals can actually play, when they have

decent  conditions and are healthy just like us.

They also nudge and nibble affectionately one another and sometimes

humans who they want to connect with. Of course one  has to watch out a bit for an

over zealous nudge or nibble Ha! Ha! but they mostly seem to understand

our frailty when we build  healthy relationships with them.

The featured image is not of the horse I worked with, the image is just to show you

another example of a beautiful spirited Arabian horse ( a filly in this case).

Horses are herd animals and form close bonds which should be respected by us humans.

We will be looking at other breeds soon.


All rights reserved, copyright Wendy Datta

Featured image by Camilla Ask.

Posted 5th March 2016