Entry Of The Light


Dear Readers,

the entry of the light now dawns.

The iconic images by Alejandro Cervantes the Spanish graphic artist and friend

of the animals; are by kind permission reproduced here on the pegasus animal healing Blog.

This post is dedicated to the Bulls and their families past and present and those

who peacefully and persistently work as best they can to counter cruelty

and violence against Gaia’s children.


On 19th May 2016  the regional government of Castile and León Spain

introduced a law to to ban killings at the annual” Toro de la Vega”

“festival” in the town of Tordesillas Spain and other similar events,


PACMA,Spain’s animal  rights political party and many Spaniards it seems are now

celebrating what is a significant  and “historic step”in the banning of the torture and death

of bulls after years of peaceful protest .


“Toro de La Vega”- Bull of The Plains is an ancient and resurrected blood fest called

a “Tournament” a lone bull  is “released” and forced to endure entrapment and torture

resulting in its death by using spears, lances etc by human., “contestants”

mounted on horseback and also on foot.

The caption for the bull drawing says “And The Lance Is Broken”

We have had visions some years ago of broken lances, swords and spears,

its been foretold. Its what Stuart Wilde

and Khris Krepcik have referred to as”The Renewal” .


We each have the opportunity whilst here on Earth to work on ourselves to clear our own dark.

Those who engage in torture an violence ,affronts to Gaia ultimately harm and trap

themselves, its a karmic thing.Gaia the spirit of the Earth is way more powerful than humans

– Dies irae.

“All equations must be balanced, we can only become observers of the process

and be humble and learn from it.

Stuart Wilde.”


The”domino effect of the Tordesillas prohibition

today then other dark anomalies lined up behind is shown in Alejandro’s drawing below.





PACMA  in a statement on Thursday 19th June 2016 said  that

the ban was “a historic step toward eliminating

all celebrations involving violence toward animals”.

The regional government’s Decree,

 must still be approved by the regional Parliament.

The Spanish regional Decree is a response to the rising number

of protesting against animal maltreatment and violence.

The Decree notes that the”festivals”

are part of the country’s “cultural heritage”

but accepts that modern legislators must recognize that times,

the sensitivities and ethics of Spaniards have changed.”

There is now it seems growing and relentless opposition

in Spain to ” festivities “where bulls are tortured and killed.

Spain is a land very rich in culture, art,,music, design, cinematography,

literature for example.

Increasingly numbers of Spaniards reject that torture of any kind

could ever be “culture”.

They are determined to press on for

change now in this 21st Century by peaceful democratic means.


The changes brought and which will be brought for

the protection of inherently beautiful and celestial creatures,

are important for all humanity as well as.

for the animals themselves; so that we may truly understand

the Three Graces -Tenderness, Generosity And Respect..



Written by Wendy Datta

Copyright Wendy Datta all rights reserved.

Posted 21st May 2016

With much gratitude to Alejandro Cervantes

All drawings are the copyright of

Alejandro Cervantes