Energy Clearing For People And Animals


Some times when people have asked me to do healing work for their animals they in turn ask for energy clearing for themselves ,the two can work together depending on respective needs and circumstances.
Energy clearing can for example help people to uncover within themselves states of peace and harmony that were always there and have been forgotten. This in turn can help the healing process for both people and  animals enhancing relationships between them.


Here is what Joseph says:


“I originally contacted Wendy about healing my two cats.  After working on the animals remotely, she asked if I would like a healing session, I guess the theory being that healing the owner/caregiver would improve the atmosphere the animals were in, aiding their healing as well.  Until then I hadn’t been aware that Wendy even worked on people – but since I’ve always felt more attuned to animals than people anyway, figured I was probably closer to ‘animal’ myself, and so I let her take a remote shot at me.
Wendy is completely phenomenal, totally awesome!  Wendy’s healing works on all levels – physical, spiritual, and emotional.  During the sessions, I’ve experienced sounds, colors, visions, and various feelings, including ‘thumps’ or hits in the etheric.  I must state that I’ve never experienced a lot of ‘visions’ while meditating on my own (though that does now seem to be improving), so the experiences are clearly due to the healing sessions.  The idea that one can merely lie down and relax at a specified time, and “Voila!”, have visions while someone else is working on you nearly half a world away is simply amazing. . . and easy. . . and fun!  After the session, there is a lasting feeling of happiness, and a “lighter” feeling, if that’s vague enough.
Once, a couple of days before an already scheduled session, I emailed Wendy to ask if she could pay special attention to my knee, which was still troubling me after it had gotten hit with a staff during martial arts practice two weeks before.  The following day I was checking emails, and saw Wendy’s reply from an hour earlier, confirming that she would work on my knee as well.  While reading her email my entire kneecap started to itch, similar to the way a scab itches as it heals, that continued for about an hour.  That was the beginning of my knee healing, though I wouldn’t have my healing session until the following day – amazing!
Healings from Wendy have also had consequences that I never asked for – not seeing them as major issues.  I used to drink a lot – not an alcoholic, mind you, but if I was bored, or depressed, I would tend to drink, and then usually to excess.  My desire for alcohol started to drop off after the first healing, and now it’s completely gone.  I can truly say that I have no alcohol in the house – there’s just no reason to buy any when out shopping.  Another side effect of the sessions is that I no longer become indignant at the slightest offence, or if I do, it’s only short-lasting.  Honestly, it doesn’t feel natural, yet, to not be able to work up a good, self-righteous indignation – but I’m getting used to it.
I am truly grateful for the powers and abilities that Wendy has, and that she has chosen to share them with the rest of us.  I am also extremely grateful for her lack of being judgemental.  If a person can sense/feel/see emotions remotely and from photos, it follows that they can see LOTS of things, some of which a person may not be proud of.  As far as I can tell, Wendy doesn’t judge – or if she does, she keeps it to herself!  She has never presented any concept to me in a negative way.  As an example, my previously mentioned knee/staff incident.  Wendy never even asked how my knee came to get hit by a staff (as if it were an everyday occurrence!), let alone point out “You were supposed to block it, you clumsy oaf!”  Nor has she ever asked “So how’s your alcoholism, you self-righteous, indignant bum?”  Seriously, she’s fabulous in that respect – healing if asked, while leaving out the finger-pointing.
In closing, I can’t recommend Wendy enough, for humans and animals.  It’s worth it for the experience alone, especially if you haven’t had many visions on your own, or have difficulty meditating.  Combined with the additional physical and emotional healing, you’ll probably get more than you would have hoped for.”



Written by Joseph California USA
Serene Photograph By Theresa UK
Posted by Wendy Datta 8th December 2015
All rights reserved