Empathy And The Currency Of Kindness




Empathy is linked to our human condition and to the planet we share with the other humans  and the animals  .

The Oxford Dictionary says of empathy it is “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

It also mentions how people often confuse empathy with sympathy.
Sympathy means feelings of pity and sorrow for some one else for their misfortune.

Human coldness and disdain are far removed from empathy.

We need it seems to keep working  on our shadow traits  by not making them important  diminishing them by understanding them and moving on. As the mayhem of the global shadow emerges we hold steady ,peace in the eye of the storm and be determined to be warm and respectful, not by force of mind but via an openness and fluidity.

Rigid opinions and dogma  are not what we need , we need  empathy and peace  not only in troubled times but in all times . Where do we get it from? it starts with ourselves.

Try offering a friendly smile to a passer by if you feel to, some may smile back in relief, some may smile back in empathy, some may look away, some may look through you , may be try offering  The Three Graces in these troubled times of ours . Its not about fixing anyone or anything .

The  rescue horse in the featured image of this post is the newcomer, however in view of his size he could have caused damage to the  donkey. The donkey was initially in a state of anxiety and there were skirmishes , but the horse an ex steeple chaser eventually  showed empathy and the donkey was gladly won over.

The dogs and ginger cat also featured in this post are rescue animals they all live together and they have a care and empathy for one another. The young husky is observing and learning, she is a newcomer.

In these challenging  times remember empathy and the currency of kindness.  Its  much easier to remember when everything is seemingly good but when it is not, we still need to remember   and not waiver or forget.

The Renewal which Stuart Wilde spoke of means that the old ways will be swept away along with the global ego and that we will return to the ways of softness and kindness.

Sometimes people are very glad when they receive a warm smile from a passer by or kindness from a person warmth and empathy the opposite of the cold trajectory of the intellect.

The fear of rejection can make people afraid yet a smile, a kindness can make a difference in all  of our lives ,warmth, empathy and the currency of kindness does not mean interference does it, nor does it mean to give and want something back in return . True empathy, not the synthetic cheesy grin of the white shadow is not traded or manipulated, empathy and the currency of kindness is freely given its a wonderful thing not to be lost.




Written by Wendy Datta


Posted 19th July 2015


© Wendy Datta 2015  All Rights Reserved