Drako’s Gift



Drako, thank you my bro


Its humbling to experience  the love and  care people  can  give  their pets.  Pets are members of  the family , its  not  about  over controlling , fussing and over petting them, which can be  very infringing  for the animals  its  about  having a genuine care and compassion for  them throughout their lives up to an including the  very last  stages. Its  also about  having  a  common sense approach. Healing can  take place  duriing transitions , the  healing  being to reach greater peace.

Sometimes people are good Samaritans to animals they come  across  in nature, or  gardens  for  example ,whether  injured or  abandoned and  the animals are  given a  second chance..  There are  wildlife sanctuaries for animals to recuperate before being  released back into the wild,each case  depends on its on own facts. I recently came  across a wounded  hare ,  in the undergrowth of  a  field ,  dragging one of its hind legs it  stopped for  awhile when I saw  it  then made  clear that it wanted to be  free , to take its  own chances  whatever that may be . The animals teach us many things when we  are  open and  ready to “listen”.


Here is what Ian says:

In August 2012 Wendy worked with my friend Drako. Drako was a beautiful Rottweiler, Staffordshire terrier, Mastiff, Labrador cross.

By the time I had a clear diagnosis on Drako aged 11 years he was quite ill and did not have long. It was such a blessing that Wendy was recommended to me.

Wendy was able to help Drako and myself through this part of our journey and she helped me understand my journey with him. Through Wendy’s energy work with Drako and the guidance and insights she offered me, she was able to ease Darko’s transition.

The insights that Wendy gave me helped me be of service to Drako at a time when I would have otherwise just not have really known what to do best for him. Through this period I reflected on the times I could have done more for Drako, and done better by him. I am so glad to have been able to have been there for him in this way.

Throughout Drako’s passing, Wendy was able to facilitate an environment for both Drako and myself that helped me to understand his needs and what would allow him to feel loved and comfortable enough to let go when he was ready. Drako gifted me a great lesson through this also, which I will always remember and even though I may faulter at times, I will always find my way back to it.

I cried at the loss of my friend in 3D and I cried also because at the same time it was such a moving healing experience brought about from the way Wendy works, very grateful, thank you.

At present now , in  2014,  we have 3 cats, who have been so kind as to exhibit dog like qualities in their interactions with me, as I have been used mainly used to dogs. They have been very patient with me, and I am very happy that they have chosen to stay and hang out with us.


New Zealand



Photograph By Ian

Written by Ian

Posted By Wendy Datta on

7th November 2014

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