Domestic Adjustments

Dear Readers,

when new animals are brought home particularly rescue animals , 
domestic adjustments need to be made. This requires, patience, 
common sense and unconditional love.
 Here is what Liz shares with us:

"When I took on the full time care of my ex-boyfriend's dog 
Hank, making the decision to bring him to live with me, 
I had some real concerns. One was the fact that I have no yard. 
Second was the 17 steps leading up to my cottage and third was my cat,
Hank has three legs. His left hind leg was amputated due to bone cancer.
 He is very big and has fear aggression toward other animals. 
I was determined to make it work,otherwise he would have been 
abandoned yet another time in his life. 
Mami was my neighbor's cat. My neighbor had the best 
intentions and saved her from a shelter ,before she was
 to be euthanized...but he was rarely 
home. She would cry due to hunger, loneliness, and being
 left out in the rain. So I let her in my house when it
 was raining, fed her when there was no food left out and 
combed her matted hair if she would let me. My 
neighbor initially thought I was trying to steal her which was so
 far from the truth. I never wanted a pet but I wanted to help her
 and him too. Over time, he was grateful and we have a joke that
 she is permanently "on loan."  

That was 6 years ago. She has come to trust me 
and has been happy living here, receiving all my attention. Only 
recently has she allowed me to pick her up and hold her, which she 
really likes.
When Hank arrived, he tried to attack her whenever
 he saw her. It was too stressful for words. I had to discipline him 
very intensely at first. I hated screaming at him with a certain voice 
to let him know I was serious. Because I am his sole provider or 
"service person" : ) he would get scared and slowly stopped his 
aggressive behavior.

 I did have to watch him very closely whenever Mami 
was nearby for quite some time though.
The thing is, she didn't really seem too afraid. 
Wendy told me by viewing photos and by perception that Mami 
knew something wasn't quite right with him (his
 disability) and that she was actually protecting him. I was amazed at 
how Mami was careful around him but she would still go near him. 
I do my best to give each of them the love and attention they need 
individually so they won't feel jealous of one another.  I've tried 
everything to create harmony. 
Something quite humorous is that Mami is very verbal.
 She will always respond with certain meow sounds 
when you speak to her.  So I would say "Mami, isn't Hank a good boy?" 
And she'd say "meow." Then I'd say "Hank" and she'd meow back. He would 
cock his head with a look like "what??" I'd like to think he thought she
 could say his name.
Over time, he knew that I would not allow him to be aggressive
 toward her and he began to understand that she 
would not hurt him. If she is in his path, he will turn his head away 
and do his best to walk around her. At first he would freeze because 
he wasn't sure what to do. But I would guide him around her. 
It's been two and a half years now and sometimes when I wake up, 
she's sleeping in his bed with him. Or they are both in my bed 
sleeping side by side.

Hank& Mami


Once, Mami brought a mouse home and dropped it at my 
feet. It was still alive. The two of them took turns chasing the poor 
mouse around my living room, seemingly in agreement with their common 
goal in mind. I created an escape route for the mouse but that day 
seemed a turning point in bonding them.
Hank now knows Mami is part of his "pack" and they both know I will 
not abandon either of them. 
I feel they want and need attention and love. 
And because they receive it, they can co-exist. 
I find it miraculous that Hank has come so far. He will go after any 
other cat or animal who comes near my front door and Mami will stand 
behind him feeling safe, allowing him to chase them away.  Mami is 
mysterious and tender and I do believe she is protecting all of us in 
ways we can't see.
But best of all, we have harmony at last. 
Photographs by Liz
 Written By Liz
California USA

Posted  25th April 2015

In Loving Memory Of Hank
Dear Hank-“Hankie” passed away peacefully at home in November 2015.
Hank was about 12 years old, he was not predicted to live beyond 9 years of age.
He drank and savoured every last drop of life with his loving “family” he gave and received unconditional love, all he ever wanted.
Thank you Liz and Mami for taking such good care of Hank and to all those who care for rescue animals.
Thank you Hank for all that you taught us. Let in love the power of love.


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