Cat Tales

A loving family in Australia have adopted 3 cats here is what 2 family members say:

I have a lovely little rescue cat named Sophia. Before I adopted her, she suffered a trauma at a very early age which resulted in having her tail removed. I always felt this effected her ability to just be a cat, her behaviour was often defensive and fearful. She would bite or scratch without notice and her energy felt ‘bound’ or ‘tight’. It really hindered her freedom, her spirit and it was no way for a cat to live.

I booked a healing for Sophia with Wendy and to watch the transformation of Sophia has been absolutely amazing. She is now the softest, sweetest little cat you’d ever meet. Sophia’s trust in people and others has grown substantially as well. Sometimes I watch her sitting amongst our garden, within the plants and the pure look of content and peace on her face brings me endless joy.

I couldn’t be more grateful for Wendy’s help and healing for Sophia, it had been a real gift. You know it’s beyond words to be able to see Sophia ‘be’…Completely in her natural state without any disruption. I give endless thanks to Wendy, it is such a beautiful thing Wendy does.

By Madeleine

Stabby is like our black ninja warrior cat. He stealthy moves about and blends in the shadows. Unfortunately he is also curious, as cats are, and one day he ventured in a neighbours back yard and was attacked by a dog.He literally made it out by the skin of his tail resulting in his tail having to be surgically removed.

This left Stabby feeling confused and defensive. However, through Wendy’s healing work Stabby is doing much better. He is so loving, confident, warm and tender, and of course more cautious in his adventures.

We have another cat, Sophia, that came to us as a tail less rescue kitten. Sophia had been lost or abandoned by her mother and run over by a car. Thankfully she was found and taken to a rescue service where her tail was surgically removed.

Sophia had trust issues, was always defensive, biting and scratching. Sophia didn’t know how to accept our love and care. Again through Wendy’s healing work, today Sophia is a different cat. Sophia is much softer, sweeter and trusting of our love. Sophia is quite happy lolling about ruling her backyard sanctuary.

Our third cat, Garfield (Stabby’s brother) he does have a tail.

Garfield has emotional issues resulting from feeling left out from all the attention that Sophia and Stabby have been receiving. He was constantly attacking his brother Stabby and was very nervous and afraid.

Since Wendy’s healing work Garfield is now a lot calmer and more accepting of his brother Stabby.

We feel very grateful to have found someone like Wendy to work with our beloved cats,thank you Wendy, at least now we don’t need to change Stabby and Garfield’s names to Cain and Abel.

By Silvana

Posted  4th July 2014 © Wendy Datta 2014 All Rights Reserved