People can feel tenderness for the animals  just as they can for other humans ,    animals  themselves feel tenderness towards each other as well as for some  humans  many of us have experienced this with pets for example.

Animals  are not  “dumb”  and the  3  Graces  which Stuart  Wilde told us about “Tenderness, Generosity  and  Respect applies to  the animals  too.

The  Italian Renaissance genius Leonardo  Da Vinci , who was  both  artist and inventor, painted several masterpieces.

However he drew many skeches ,far more than painintgs  and  it  will come  as no surprise  to cat  lovers  that Leonardo
admired cats “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci .

To provide  a loving home  for vulnerable , rescue animals  requires a  certain  generosity of  spirit as the animals often require  a lot of help  and patience dending on the situation. The  3  Graces  which Stuart Wilde told us about Tenderness, Generosity & Respect  are linked .

When Joseph decided  to adopt  2 rescue kittens he chose to adopt 2 sisters .He politely insisted to  the  Rescue Organization that , he would only take  the two of them not one, as he  was concerned they could be  seperated  for  adoption before  he  was  able to take  them, so he began sponsoring them before he took them home .


Here is what Joseph says

Early in 2014 I decided to adopt a couple of kittens from a rescue organization. Their mother had died while giving birth, so they had to be bottle -raised, and had weak immune systems. As the time approached for me to pick them up, their carer informed me that one had an upper respiratory infection (URI), even after three courses of antibiotics from the vet. I immediately asked for photos of the kittens, and contacted Wendy for remote healing work for the kittens.

Wendy replied that both had health issues, especially Sabre (correctly identifying her, though I hadn’t specified in the photos). She did a couple of remote healing sessions on each of them. Over the next couple of months Sabre’s eyes improved, from having a gooey discharge gluing them shut to just watering. Their carer wasn’t sure why, as she was no longer giving her antibiotics. I was then able to bring them home, though neither had been vaccinated nor spayed yet, Sabre being too congested from the URI that just wouldn’t leave.

The first time I met them in person I was shocked – Sabre was one third the size of her sister Arwen, and literally just skin and bones, though energetic and having a ravenous appetite. Not to mention her fur having a ‘moth-eaten’ appearance, as Wendy so well phrased it. Neither was the size one would expect a five-month old kitten to be. Seeing the way they huddled/snuggled together in their carrier on the plane ride home made me happy that I was able to keep them together.

Wendy did more remote healing on them once I had them home – a couple sessions each. (I could tell when by their waking me up to torment in the middle of the night. . .lol.) Combined with various supplemts from a vet to build their immune systems, the URI is now well under control. (Along with being treated for fleas, worms, tapeworms, giardia, and earmites. . . apparently the poor kitties had every parasite known to man!) Sabre’s fur has lost its mothy-white splotches, and now has beautiful smoke shading. Two and a half months after their trip home, they’re both doing well. They’ve both been growing, though slowly, and Sabre is now just a pound behind her sister. They’re highly intelligent, super-affectionate, stubborn, goofy kittens.

This example best illustrates their intelligence:
I’d had them a week, and was home with them on the weekend. They were both terrorizing each other, pummeling, biting, and clawing, all the while squealing and growling, with the occasional yelp as one received something especially wicked from the other. Usual kitten behavior, I guess, but I couldn’t help being afraid one would get hurt accidentally, especially since they’re short-furred – their teeth can actually reach the skin. After the wrestling turned extremely ferocious and they separated for an instant, I took the opportunity to separate them – confining one in the bathroom, the other still in the master bedroom. Not that I was angry – I thought a few minutes apart might give them each a chance to cool off.

Within three minutes they were both on opposite sides of the door, whining and squealing to be together. So I released them and went back to my PC, reading/answering emails. Within a minute, I heard a tumbling, comforter muffled ruckus behind me. Turning around, I found them wrestling on the bed, just as viciously as before, but in relative silence – without the squeals and growls, lest the human hear and separate them again! I gave out an audible sigh, and turned back to my PC, figuring it was hopeless to intervene.

A few minutes later I stopped working, realizing they had gone silent – NOT a good sign with kittens. Turning around, I didn’t see them anywhere. Walking through the bedroom and bathroom – nothing. Not in their kitty condos, not in the tub. I slowly approached the bed, carefully pulling up the overhanging comforter, to find them locked in a death grip under the bed, each trying to bite the other’s jugular, while holding/pushing the other away to protect their own. Their eyes went wide when they noticed me watching, and instantly released their grips, switching to lovingly licking each other’s little faces and paws! It was just SO unbelievably comical. . . reminiscent of a Warner Bros cartoon, where the cat spits the bird out of his mouth and lovingly pats him, because the human is walking by.

I realize that I am truly blessed to have these kittens, and appreciate that I can watch them grow up. Their love and brilliance, their goofball personalities – I cherish all of this, and honestly don’t think they’d be around for me to experience it, were it not for the healing sessions they received from Wendy.


Written  by Joseph- Califormaia  USA

Photograph by Joseph

Posted 20th October 2014

© Wendy Datta 2014 All Rights Reserved