Bullish-Entry Of The Light (3)

Dear Reader,

bullish?  the  magnificent  Highland Bull in  the  featured image  looks

so  well cared  for  he  reminds  me of  the  expression “bullish”

which means optimistic about  the future.

Although  Highland Cattle are  not used in bull fighting being  a  nordic  breed they are  related connected

to  the captive  bulls in Spain which are  used in  the  bull rings for  “bull fighting”  and

street “entertainments” for  humans.

It’s been  another  significant year for the  bulls.

The  College  of  Veterinary Surgeons in  Madrid  Spain have  this  year abolished a  former” prestigious”  prize  to the world famous  bull ring  in Madrid- Las  Ventas. The  prize  first awarded in 2002 has  been awarded  either for “The  Best Bull of  The  Festival Of  San Isidro “in  Las  Ventas  or The  Best Cattle Ranch ( who supply the  bull ring)

Surreal you may think. Well fortunately  AVATMA the  Association of  Veterinary Surgeons Against The  Maltreatment of animals has  successfully petitioned  their  governing  body  to abolish  the  prize- that  which is  associated with cruelty  and mistreatment notwithstanding what  is deemed ” legal” and ” cultural.”

The  withdrawal  of  such a  seal of approval helps  the bulls  and endorses  the  growing  number of  Spaniards across the  board, concerned for  the  need for compassion  and respect  for the animals in  their  country.

“Everything I have done, am doing, and shall do follows the dictates of reason and the laws of chivalry,”
Miguel de Cervantes   1547-1616 ( deemed widely as the greatest  writer of the Spanish language and

author of the world  renowned  literary masterpiece Don Quixote).

There is  certainly a lot  of amazing culture in Spain, music, art, literature  dance,  the rich language for  example which the  nationals and various people  embrace  and have  no difficulty appreciating. None of  these involves the suffering of animals.

In  his  iconic  illustration which  is  the domino effect re  the maltreatment of  the bulls  in  his  native country, Alejandro Cervantes  list  places  of  cruelty  aligned  to  end and  we  have  seen this  with the former  medieval and gruesome “Bull Tournament “in Tordesillas


The respectful and peaceful. momentum against cruelty and  the resultant eradication of  such

suffering and  it’s  symbology  is the  entry of  light  into this  world.


Written by WendyDatta

Highland  bull photo

by  Jon Durrant

Domino Illustration by  Alejandro Cervantes