Blossom On The Bough


Blossom on the Bough reminds me of the flowering of consciousness. Liberation from the endless demands and dictates of the ego , its wounds and programming to reach a transformation into somehing beautiful. The blooming and unfolding of consciousness comes forth ,when we have seen and faced our fears and concerns, got rid of limiting and self defeating behaviour patterns. There is no competition involved in this , we do what we can, no matter what our starting point may be.

In his writing “ Change The Crucial Healing Component ,Khris Krepcik explains that healing is a process of transformation, regardless of whether it is spiritual physical , emotional or mental healing.. The writing explains clearly and simply why it is some people change and heal and why others do not.

“L” is an example of a person willing to make changes no matter what in order to assist her own self healing and well being. In her mid sixties L survived a critical illness a brain stem haemorrhage a year ago, linked with her energy work sessions , L is making changes to promote her health on every level , also with the care and support of her son from smoothie preparation to music and movement . A lightness of being is something which we can feel on every level.

Even where at times there appears to be no one to encourage us to make health promoting changes in our life it can still be done if we try and are committed . The Blossom On The Bough arrives after the chill and cold of winter we knew it would and we rejoice at its beauty and presence .


Written By Wendy Datta

Posted On The 28th June 2014

Photography By Camilla Ask

© Wendy Datta 2014 All Rights Reserved