Birds Of Prey: White Owl & Owlet

Dear Readers,

the pictures in this article were sent to me of  the wonderful and  rare sighting of a barn owl- Tyto albal now an endangered species.


The abandoned owlet found on the ground  in this post was unable to fend for

itself, The fortunate owlet was taken to a reputable wild life rescue centre and will

where possible be released back into the wild..







It looks glad to be warm, no doubt missing the comfort of the nest.

Many birds of prey are now endangered due to a variety of factors linked to human

activities and loss of habitat.

At this time we are hearing about the ever dwindling number of wildlife, species.on our planet and its heartening the difference  a caring and practical approach can make.

The”what is what is” changes nothing unless we bother to make changes and increase our awareness and understanding of practices which harm wild life.

There is nothing glamorous or brave about killing for fun however its dressed up.

Truly strong men and women have tenderness in their hearts and children learn from what is around them.

Birds of prey are often illegally killed to make way for recreational hunting( killing

for sport) of other birds e.g grouse, birds of prey are blamed that stocks are dwindling due to wild life predation- from hawks and eagles.

Hen Harriers have faced decades of human persecution due to hunting and changes in land use. We are are realising ,its us that can upset ecological balance.

The Hen Harriers are an iconic bird and efforts now are being made to save them by organizations such as The Hawk And Owl Trust





Posted 19th  February 2017

Written by Wendy Datta

All Rights Reserved.

Owl photos courtesy of J. Walwyn

Photograph of the Hen Harrier by courtesy of  The Hawk & Owl Trust