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What is Energy Clearing? Radio Interview : Frome FM


Dear Readers,

in an interview on Frome Community radio with the singer Sara Vian on her show ” Rock And Roll Revolution”, I am asked to talk about energy work and also animal communication, the co-presenter is Patrick Moss.


Posted 18th October 2015

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Air Waves ( Radio Interview) News For The Soul


Stuart Wilde would appear from time to time on the internet radio station, news for the which has been running for 18 years now.

Journalistic integrity matters regardless of whether the material is written or spoken.

Nicole Marie Whitney the creator and presenter of the internet radio station has a warm and clear style,her own story is also inspiring .

Radio/audio can be a wonderful medium, like many things depending on its content and usage,it can be cosy ,informative linking up people thousands of miles away.

Below is an interview given to me on

Posted 10th March 2015 By Wendy Datta All rights Reserved

blackbird in the rain




Bird Song In The Rain


Dear Reader

a friend of nature recorded this beautiful chorus of bird song in the rain

on an English summer evening deep in the countryside.

We are grateful for the beauty and strength of Gaia.

We have no need to dominate and oppress and understand Gaia will reclaim the earth

for nature, the animals and the children just as Stuart Wilde

told us long ago.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful expression of nature as much as we have.

Listening to the primordial sound of water- rain and the natural bird song can be

as a meditation helping to achieve more peace



Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 20th June 2017

Recorded by J D Video

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