Assunta’s Blooms- Helping Hands:Part 2


Assunta is a tailoress she qualified 30 years ago in Italy.

To visit her work room is always a pleasure for her friends and clients alike.

There is never any job too small or insignificant, yet she is competent of producing the most beautiful bridal and bridesmaid dresses or repairing a small tear on a much loved or needed garment, people travel for miles to see her.

Assunta radiates a kindness and a generosity of spirit we find and even the potted plants, the blooms flourish by her side in her work room. Sometimes a helper will attend and there is singing along to Stevie Wonder hits on the radio, what fun.. and everyone is treated with careful attention, kindness and respect.

If we did did not have electricity and modern conveniences what would happen? we would still need many of the services that existed before this technological age. We would still need for example clothes to be made, spinning, weaving hand sewing and many things.

Stuart Wilde told us about The Renewal, a time when coldness, hatred, selfishness and all its manifestations, the ignorance of arrogance would be swept away and kindness and care for one another, the animals and nature would prevail. This can only take place if we decide to change ourselves. It does not seem we ever reach an end point and must keep trying, evolving and yet not be too hard on ourselves when we err in life so that we can move on.

The Helping Hands are those in every community who bother to care and can offer up their skills in service and in community Two posts by Khris krepcik of thehooded are very helpful and inspiring for this.

“What Can You Contribute?”

and “What Vital Skills?”



Written By Wendy Datta

Posted 30th June 2014

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