The April Workshop -Sharing :Self-Nurture &Communication


Dear  Readers,

at the April workshop Self-Nurture and Communication,

we experienced  many things both the mystical which was very humbling and the practical.

We were joined by guest speakers new links in our growing community

who gave us some interesting talks on self-nurture and sustainability.






We so enjoyed our visit to a private small holding where Alpacas are kept.

The owner told us quite a bit about humane animal husbandry

and life style change which was helpful and interesting.

The Pegasus Team those who attend the workshops are developing

their animal communication skills they don’t rush in trying to fix things

or impose upon the animals, the animals feel at ease with them

and the owners are pleased.

I first by invitation visited the Alpacas and their owner on a

very fresh January morning then returned

to work  further with the herd 2 months later.



2016-01-12 11.12.38


None of the animals we visit are” trained ” for workshops its free flow.

Here is what people say about the April workshop and

below we share more photographs.Every picture tells a story.

One member of our workshop made some beautiful sacred animal candles.






“There are fringe benefits” in attending Pegasus Animal Healing workshops”.

Which photograph do you observe best fits that caption? tee hee!


” Dear Wendy,

I just want to express my gratitude to you for your workshop.

It was simply an amazing experience on many levels that it is hard to put into words.

All of the workshops feel like a piece of something very large and expansive..”


“The workshop exceeded my expectations 10/10.  I learnt so much in the Group.
I really enjoyed visiting the Alpacas I got so much out of being in a “Pack” visiting another
 Pack! very lovely animals.
..I love being in the group because I feel accepted and loved.
Even simple things take on new meanings.
. I have learned the importance of balance and self nurture
and my increasing ability to discern things…
The Meditations were fantastic”.



“It was a unique opportunity to be close to animals I have never been around before.

Useful and interesting to explore and observe them..

I very much enjoyed the workshop. I found the whole experience very relaxing

it flowed really well.Overall a really useful, good workshop..”

“N” UK


“The seminars were very informative.

The trip to the Alpacas was a very unusual experience,

seeing first hand how the these herd animals behave was very interesting.

The tree energy work  exercise was the most powerful experience

I have ever had, feeling the strength of the tree was incredible. ”



“Unconditional  love was super deep. The morph dropped in tubes connected and the speed and vibrancy

of acceptance became more and more beautiful in the room as if we had relocated into

the middle of a herd of stags and deer.

I leaned about the inner spirituality of the Alpaca.

The workshop was:

Very healing

Community building

Kind feeling,

Powerful learning”







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Posted 23rd April 2016

by Wendy Datta

Photographs by G. Cassidy


Copyright Wendy Datta

All rights Reserved.