“An Ancient Tale Of The Winter Solstice”

Dear  Reader,

“An Ancient  Tale Of The  Winter  Solstice”

is  a  narration by  Wendy  Datta

The music is  composed by Michael Ormiston.

This  Winter Solstice there  are  rare  planetary events mot  least the  close  conjunction of  Saturn  and  Jupiter  which will appear as a  Bright  Star.

The  spiritual  path  is  a heroic  journey like  climbing  a  hill or  mountain

At  times  we stumble. we  keep  going  and

are  shown many  things which  give  us all a  chance  to evolve.

Here  is  what  Michael  says


“Sound is in a constant state of birth, death and rebirth, re-sounding, reflecting, enhancing, creating, destroying. Many moments of change from our perspective on earth in relation to the Sun have been celebrated by most cultures and in the northern and southern. latitudes the winter Solstice is particularly important. I invite you to receive these sounds with an open mind, heart and spirit.

You will hear me play a Yatag (Mongolian Long Zither), Xiao ( Chinese Long Notched Flute), Native American Flute, Irish Tin Whistle, Chinese Biwa Reed Flute, Javanese Suling Notched Flute, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singing, Overtone & Undertone Chanting, Mongolian Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle), Frame drums, Wind, Shamanic Metal Shakers, Pellet Drum, Bird Ocarina’s, Bowed Tibetan Cymbal, Chinese Dizi Flute, plucked and struck 16 string Harp/Lyre.

Wendy plays the Wood Block

The  narration  and  sound  healing  recording  will take  you very  deep if  you wish  which will  help with self-healing.

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Posted 16th  December  2020

by Wendy Datta

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