A Tale Of Heroism & Devotion

The story of Liz and her rescue dog Hank is a truly inspiring Animal And People Tale . It is a Tale against all odds. A Tale of heroism and devotion.

When people take on rescued animals it requires many things, e.g. unconditional love, common sense, devotion, not giving up when challenges arise.

Many rescued animals have been exposed to degrees of human darkness , which can effect them on all levels causing trauma and sickness.


Here Is What Liz Says About caring For Her Rescued Dog.

“In 2006, Hank, my 100lb American Staffordshire Terrier. AKA gigantic pitbull, was rescued from South Central Los Angeles, a neighborhood known for dog fighting rings, run by the cruelest of people. We aren’t certain if he was a bait dog. The scars on his body in the shape of dog bites will remain unknown as to what circumstances he got them.

My boyfriend at the time, Brian (now a good friend) kept him after fostering rescue dogs at his home.

I was initially scared of Hank because his jaw is huge and he was so athletic he would shoot himself like a rocket from one room to another using any piece of furniture as a springboard. He could knock you down with a friendly hello. He was very, very powerful. He quickly became like our child. He’d snuggle like a lapdog and his “bull in a china shop” goofy, fun personality always kept up laughing.

Not long in, we noticed his aggression toward other dogs. Red zone. One day Hank ran out and seriously injured a neighbor’s dog walking by. The dog thankfully lived but the vet bill was over $15,000.00.

The animal control board would now decide his fate. Because people who knew and loved him testified on his behalf regarding his good nature toward people and children, we won the battle to keep him alive.

Next: serious training focused on red zone aggression; an ante-door to the front door; a treadmill to release his energy; special collars, leashes, muzzles and on and on. Not to mention lifetime probation, meaning if it ever happened again, goodbye Hank.

I was the person who could walk and control him best even if he weighs almost as much as I do. It was a fight to win that right because the ruling initially said anyone over 18 could walk him except me… no doubt because I’m petite.

Two years ago Hank’s back ankle was swollen. We thought he sprained it but he was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer.

I took him to a specialist when the veterinarians said there wasn’t much we could do for him. He was in great pain. The bone had broken from the inside out.

We had two choices: Euthanize him immediately or amputate the leg, taking him out of pain but they said guaranteed he wouldn’t live more than 3-6 months afterward because of how quickly this cancer spreads. We weren’t prepared to say goodbye on the spot and chose amputation.

A friend suggested I contact Wendy who responded immediately to my request for help. She helped ME stay strong while following her instructions on how to care for Hank. I wasn’t sure he was even strong enough to make it to a surgery.

Wendy did multiple healings on Hank before and after his operation and Hank brightened a bit everyday.

Brian was leaving the country for an extended time. I wasn’t sure I could manage having Hank live with me especially with my often intense work schedule, the 17 steps up to my cottage and a cat he’d certainly want to eat.

Wendy basically said to “step up”, so I did. Hank came to live with me and I assumed all responsibility. It was not easy but I wasn’t backing out on my promise to Hank that I would never abandon him.

It’s now 1 year and 9 months since his surgery. Hank is completely cancer free. Not one of his medical doctors can believe it. He doesn’t go after my cat… she sleeps on top of him! And he now has two dog friends! Working together, we’ve figured things out along the way. And adjusting my life surprisingly gave it more balance.

Work is still intense at times and his living with me is not the most ideal for him. I have no yard and must drive him out of the neighborhood to grassy areas for decent walks and finding the right person to stay with him

if I must leave town isn’t simple…and a thousand other things that make it “not perfect.”

But none of it matters because I’m sitting here with themost beautiful soul who only wants to give and receive love in the purest way. He’s a survivor who’s beat odds few understand. He’s kept his goofy sense of fun and keeps me laughing. He simply carried on through all the adversity. What a lesson that is.

I will be forever indebted to Stuart Wilde and Khris Krepcik whereby their teachings, time given, and depth of humanity, has helped me to become a stronger, more capable person. Through them, I met Wendy.

Because of the power of metaphysical healing, my Hank the Tank is here and doing so well. I cannot imagine life without him.”

 Liz  California USA


 In Loving Memory of  Hank-
Dear Readers,
Hank showed us the way out of human degradation and cruelty  yet another victory for Gaia.
 Hank-“Hankie” passed away peacefully at home in November 2015.
Hank was about 12 years old he was not predicted to live beyond 9 years of age.
He drank and savoured every last drop of life with his loving “family” he gave and received unconditional love, all he ever wanted.
Thank you Liz and Mami for taking such good care of Hank and to all those who care for rescue animals.
Thank you Hank for all that you taught us. Let in love the power of love.




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