A Tale of Autumn

One sunny day in July two years ago my Mum,Sister, Nannie and me went to get 5 chickens. We had already painted the hunch a nice light blue and put straw in the hunch to make it nice and cosy for them. On the trip to Yeovil me and my sister could not stop talking about getting chickens as were so excited. when we got there we met a lady and she took us to the Chicken pen, there were so many chickens to chose from I could not choose one. when I finally chose mine the lady had a net to scoop up the chickens when they were running around . It was really funny. Then I had to name my chicken so I decided to call her Autumn my Mum called her chicken Taluhla my sister called hers Arabella, my Dad’s was called Mrs Bennett and the last one was called Snow White. The chickens where making a racket on the way home I think one of them pooed in their box, when we let them out into their new home they ran around and seemed really happy. We got lots of eggs, and we loved them.


The day after my birthday in October I went down to let out my chickens out and someone had flipped over the hunch and Arabella had been crushed underneath it, 3 other chickens had disappeared. We were all really upset and crying. my mum found my chicken hiding under a bush but she had been hit on the head and was very poorly. We put her in her house but she wouldn’t eat and couldn’t open her eye. So my mum fed her with a syringe and looked after her. But she would not go out of the hutch as she was so scared.

After a week my mum met an Animal whisperer who came to see Autumn and she made funny noises and blew on my chickens face then Autumn fluffed up her wings, made some noises and started pecking at her food and gobbling it up as fast as she could. We were really happy. The Animal whisperer lady found a home for Autumn at a sanctuary for poorly and scared animals. On the day she left we were really sad to see her go, and I cried a lot. We did have some good news a bit later, that when Autumn got there they put her in with some poorly chickens and she flew over the fence into the pen with all the other chickens and made friends with a cockerel. I think she might have babies. I know I did the right thing for Autumn as she will be happy and not scared any more.


By Athena (aged 10)

2nd February 2014

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